Impending Cold Preventer


Snot, coughs, swollen neck glands. It’s that wonderful time of year again! None of us are strangers to the familiar warning throb of our tonsils, the sign of the impending cold about to set in. And when it sets in, it really does cling on for dear life!

Unless you have the best diet in the world, packed full to the brim of those super-foods and fruits and vegetables we’re all supposed to be eating then you’re most likely to fall victim to those pestering runny noses and headaches. Lets be honest, who wants to be caught unawares with a runny nose and that horrifying tingle of that monstrous sneeze and no tissues? I was becoming so fed up of massaging my achy neck glands and coughing myself awake, so I have created a tried and tested method of prevention. It’s so simple, and so effective!

You’ll need: Bottle of water, Vitamin C + Zinc effervescent tablets, Echinacea drops. (All available at good old Boots)

When you’re feeling tired and run down, this is when you’re most prone to illness. So, when I feel that horrible mucus monster attempting to take hold, I quickly knock this together. Pop two of those fizzy tablets and 15 drops of echinacea into your water bottle, wait for it all to dissolve, give it a good shake, and down the lot. If you reckon it’s going to be a tough one to shake off,  take 15 drops echinacea twice more throughout the day and for the next 3 or 4 days and you should feel yourself feeling a lot better. Your immune system will love you for it.

DISCLAIMER – I know the Vitamin C + Zinc tube will say to only take ONE of these fizzy tablets a day but i take two for good measure. It works for me, so I’m just going to remove myself from the blame if you over dose and turn orange and try to sue me.

Hope this helps!


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